Engagement with my webpage and social media sites more than TRIPLED just by implementing what I learned in the first class! I can't wait to see what happens as I continue to learn more. ~Krista P.

Every small business owner wonders if they are making the right marketing decisions:

√   Is the messaging right and will people listen?

√   Are we using the right options or would something else be more effective?

√   Did we pay too much?

√   Will it get results or will it be another waste of time and money?

√   Will people think of us when they need our products & services?

Small business owners should have an equal opportunity to tell the public about their products and services,

but with the high cost of marketing options, the playing field can seem very lopsided.

We understand your pain, because we've been there!

Most small business owners know that they need to understand their marketing strategies better,

but learning what they need to know comes with time-consuming tutorials and geeky marketing language.

Enter the 7-Part [Snackable] Marketing Fix for Small Business.

It's custom made for busy business owners:

1 week. 1 minute per day.

And simple to apply immediately.

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Are you looking for MORE, and NOW?

Are you ready to move your business to the next level in a comprehensive and systematic way?

If so, the 10X Marketing 8 class series is designed just for you!

This program helps business owners like you get the most from marketing dollars.

Now you can quit wondering if you made the right marketing decisions or if you'll get the results you want

and just focus on increased growth and planning for expansion!

Take back your peace of mind and start sleeping peacefully again!

10X Marketing 8 Class Series Covers:

                  √ Your Why, Vision & Mission

                  √ Create Your Success Script

                  √ Update Your Website

                          √ Create a One-Liner

                          √ A Message That Sticks

                          √ 10X Your Message

                  √ Word of Mouth Campaign

                  √ Email Marketing Campaign

                  √ Social Media Campaign

 Step 1: Choose Your Format

In-person, Phone or Webinar

8-week Sessions, 2 hrs/week

Step 2: Sign Up

Cost: $397

Materials & Coaching Included

Step 3: Attend Class

Implement 1 Strategy per week

Full Marketing Plan in 8 weeks

You'll Do a LOT of Marketing over the years.

Either learn these simple tips and tricks and make it effective,

or change nothing and keep having sleepless nights worrying about whether or not

you'll get the desired results from your time and effort.