Spend LESS – Reach MORE



You need to connect with customers, revolutionize your marketing, and grow your bottom-line~

all on a limited budget. My Discovery Destination!’s Wattson is your new best friend . . .


You’re going to LOVE the way you SPEND LESS to REACH MORE!


People do business with people they like, know and trust!


My Discovery Destination! Adventure Sponsors:

  • Spend LESS time, effort, and money on marketing
  • Get MORE Exposure in the community
  • Support families by helping them CREATE and CAPTURE memories to last a lifetime
  • Train their future workforce




Relationship Marketing at its BEST!!



The DYNAMIC DOZEN of Adventure Sponsor Benefits:

1.                 2.                 3.                 4.


5.   6.       7.   8.  


9.   10.     11.     12.


Ready to take your marketing to the next level?





  • My Discovery Destination! APP!
    • Designed to
      • make it easy to for families to track the Adventures
      • make it easy for Adventure Sponsors to track stats and participation
      • help bring out of town visitors to you
      • provide additional opportunities for exposure
      • provide additional educational opportunities for youth and families


    • Take 100,000+ people directly to YOU

    • Your own Adventure Page
    • Logo on our home page
    • Spotlights


  • SOCIAL MEDIA –  facebook, twitter, instagram, Google+, pinterest & snapchat.
    • Direct interaction with potential customers in the facebook group (HUGE!!!!)
    • Sponsors Directory Listing in the facebook group
    • Spotlights across all 6 platforms
    • Hashtags galore that point directly back to YOU!


    • Key partners promote My Discovery Destination! and our Adventure Sponsors
      • local PTAs and schools
      • Utah Jazz
      • Utah Grizz
      • Val Pak
      • and others


    • Adventure Sponsors promote each other:
      • linking My Discovery Destination! to business websites,
      • social meda platforms
      • promoting to family and friends, neighbors, and client base
      • Posting Wattson


  • IN-STORE VISITS (optional)
    • Option to require participants to visit your business for the picture


  • BRANDING (optional)
    • Distribute branded items and informational materials


    • Where’s Wattson events locally and statewide
      • QR Code links back to YOU!
    • My Discovery Destination! Celebration at a local Mall or business
      • Adventure Sponsors receive free booth, classes, and stage time
    • Numerous community events provide FREE exposure for Adventure Sponsors!


    • Plan a special Adventure (optional)
    • Promote FREE family events in the facebook group and via email to 25,000+ participating families


    • Sponsor a ‘Daily Deal,’ ‘Thursday Thank You’ or other promotion for additional ongoing exposure


    • Become part of a permanent record


    • Recognition at our final celebration


AND MORE, including . . .

  • Where’s Wattson? Rocks
  • Where’s Wattson? ‘Around the World’ Contest
  • Where’s Wattson? International penpal program


Wattson will be showing up EVERYWHERE,

so keep your eyes open!

As an Adventure Sponsor you will have a direct link into the homes and hearts of local families.



Is it Affordable? VERY!!

Only $300 per session!


Get The Most From Your Sponsorship:  Adventure Sponsor Training Blog