Most small businesses have a limited marketing budget~


Our creative marketing platform is both comprehensive and inexpensive.


Businesses that sponsor our adventures have greater visibility and growth that increases profits.


You're going to LOVE the way you SPEND LESS to REACH MORE!


People do business with people they know, like and trust!


My Discovery Destination! Adventure Sponsors:

  • Spend LESS time, effort, and money on marketing
  • Get MORE Exposure in the community
  • Support families by helping them CREATE and CAPTURE memories to last a lifetime
  • Train their future workforce




Relationship Marketing at its BEST!!



The DYNAMIC DOZEN of Adventure Sponsor Benefits:

1.                 2.                   3.                 4.


5.   6.       7.   8.  


9.   10.     11.     12.


Ready to take your marketing to the next level?





  • My Discovery Destination! APP!
    • Designed to
      • make it easy to for families to track the Adventures
      • make it easy for Adventure Sponsors to track stats and participation
      • help bring out of town visitors to you
      • provide additional opportunities for exposure
      • provide additional educational opportunities for youth and families


    • Take 100,000+ people directly to YOU

    • Your own Adventure Page
    • Logo on our home page
    • Spotlights


  • SOCIAL MEDIA -  facebook, twitter, instagram, Google+, pinterest & snapchat.
    • Direct interaction with potential customers in the facebook group (HUGE!!!!)
    • Sponsors Directory Listing in the facebook group
    • Spotlights across all 6 platforms
    • Hashtags galore that point directly back to YOU!


    • Key partners promote My Discovery Destination! and our Adventure Sponsors
      • local PTAs and schools
      • Utah Jazz
      • Utah Grizz
      • Val Pak
      • and others


    • Adventure Sponsors promote each other:
      • linking My Discovery Destination! to business websites,
      • social meda platforms
      • promoting to family and friends, neighbors, and client base
      • Posting Wattson


  • IN-STORE VISITS (optional)
    • Option to require participants to visit your business for the picture


  • BRANDING (optional)
    • Distribute branded items and informational materials


    • Where's Wattson events locally and statewide
      • QR Code links back to YOU!
    • My Discovery Destination! Celebration at a local Mall or business
      • Adventure Sponsors receive free booth, classes, and stage time
    • Numerous community events provide FREE exposure for Adventure Sponsors!


    • Plan a special Adventure (optional)
    • Promote FREE family events in the facebook group and via email to 25,000+ participating families


    • Sponsor a 'Daily Deal,' 'Thursday Thank You' or other promotion for additional ongoing exposure


    • Become part of a permanent record


    • Recognition at our final celebration


AND MORE, including . . .

  • Where's Wattson? Rocks
  • Where's Wattson? 'Around the World' Contest
  • Where's Wattson? International penpal program


Wattson will be showing up EVERYWHERE,

so keep your eyes open!

As an Adventure Sponsor you will have a direct link into the homes and hearts of local families.



Is it Affordable? VERY!!

Only $300 per session!


Get The Most From Your Sponsorship:  Adventure Sponsor Training Blog