Healthy, strong family relationships are foundational to young people’s growth, learning, and well-being.


These relationships build strong social and emotional strengths that kids use throughout their lives.


But great family relationships don’t just happen..



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It's a Choice

Family Adventure


Help our children learn how to use technology in positive ways to improve the community.




Work together as a family to brainstorm ways that technology is used in positive ways. Then determine ways your family can use the technology in positive ways, and do it!






  Since this Adventure is based on technology, you may want to use technology as the reward. For example, use your social media sites to share a picture of how your family members are using technology for good, and validate their work.


  Give them extra time on a project that they love doing-- that could be playing on a gaming system, going to the park with friends, playing a sport, reading a book, etc.


   Tie the reward to what it is that they are doing to #UseTech4Good. For example, if they are using their technology to teach a senior citizen how to use the computer, you might reward them with a new charger they've been asking for, or a software program or subscription they've been wanting.


   Show interest in their work!!  Let them tell you about what they are doing and give them your full attention. Ask meaningful questions and be present for them as they talk about it.


   Acknowledge the work and skill that is required to accomplish what they are doing! "Wow! That requires an eye for detail. That is a great talent you have" or "I had no idea you knew so much about ____. I am really impressed!"






The Use Tech 4 Good movement is all about changing conversations and culture around kids and technology. We want to replace the fear with positive, deliberate, constructive ways youth and adults can work together with technology.


Work together as a family to identify ways you see technology being used for good around you, and choose something you can do together as a family to #UseTech4Good. Here are some ideas to get you going:





For the discussion about how technology is being used for good around you, choose some of the following questions and discuss them as a family:


 How has technology impacted the industry that dad and mom work in as a career?


 How has technology impacted other industries that the kids can think of?


 How has technology changed the way your family is taken care of when there are health issues?


 How has technology changed the way your family banks or handles money?


 How has technology changed the way you communicate with family and friends around the world?


 How has technology changed the way kids learn?


 What was one thing you saw today/this week that is an example of technology being used for good?


 This would be a great time to have a discussion with your kids about what different apps do. Have your kids identify what each app they have on their phone does and whether it provides a positive public service, a positive personal service, a potentially dangerous impact to them or others, etc.




To start the conversation about what your family could do to #UseTech4Good, here are some things that others have done:


 Several youth have taught older people at a rest home how to use their technology to communicate with their grandkids


 One young lady created an app to stop bullying


 Someone else created a 'Sit With Me' app to make sure no one has to sit alone during lunch


 A group of youth used technology to create playlists from the past to help seniors suffering from alzheimers


 Something as simple as tweeting compliments or posting positive memes and thoughts on social media can have a huge impact




You can find more great ideas about how other families have used technology for good at


You may also want to share your families story to give others ideas.





Pre-K Adventure

It's never too early to teach kids that technology can and SHOULD be used for Good! Help your children, at whatever age they are, identify ways that they can use the technology available to them to make a positive difference in the world.




Use phones to let others know that they are loved


Use computers to connect with far away family via facetime, zoom and other similar programs


Use electronic tools or toys to create simple gifts



Remember that much of what your children learn will come from conversations they have with you, and conversations they overhear you having with other people. Be aware of your own attitudes towards technology, what you say, and how you are, or are not, using your technology for good. Make sure you are sending the message you want your little ones to hear.




Community Engagement Adventure

Get friends involved! Share what you're doing to #UseTech4Good and encourage them to join you or make their own plan. Work with a few friends to identify, plan and implement a project to use your technology in positive ways!







Teen Adventure

Teens are the experts when it comes to technology. They are in a great position to use their technology to better their communities, and to teach others, especially the older generations, to use the technology around them. Encourage your teens to look through the #UseTech4Good website and choose some ways that they can be involved.





Photo Location

Take a picture of your family using technology to do something positive and post it to social media with the hashtags #UseTech4Good, #MyDiscoveryDestination and #Wattson

by #UseTech4Good

#UseTech4Good challenges youth and adults to find and create the GOOD online. It replaces the fear with positive, deliberate, constructive ways youth and adults can work together with technology. The sky is the limit. You (youth and adults together) create, share, uplift and we feature their stories on our website.


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