Healthy, strong family relationships are foundational to young people’s growth, learning, and well-being.


These relationships build strong social and emotional strengths that kids use throughout their lives.


But great family relationships don’t just happen..



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Our goal is to strengthen family relationships to help kids be and become their best selves

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Night Time Games

Family Adventure



GOAL:    Learn to have good family fun in the dark!



The ADVENTURE:  Try out a few of the flashlight games below





Get everyone a fun flashlight of their own that they can keep by their bed for safety, emergencies, middle of the night trips, and pure and simple FUN!


Let the kids take the lead on which games to play, specific rules that fit your family, etc.


Be sure to capture pics of the flashlight fun to bring out and chat about later


Look for creativity you can compliment, kindness you can acknowledge, leadership skills you can mention


  Encourage creativity by inviting kids to come up with new flashlight games you can play


With shorter days come longer nights. This Adventure will provide plenty of ideas for how to keep the fun going after dark: flashlight games. You can turn any old night at home into a memorable evening with these twists on old classics, and a few NEW inventions, too.



In-the-Dark Treasure Hunt

They’ve got the treasure hunt down pat. Now throw in a treasure hunt staged in the dark. Simple items like pirate’s booty (gold coins) or even figurines will do the trick.  You can make a written list of items to find, or for younger kids create a picture list. Be sure to have enough flashlights for everyone; it’s a lot more fun when everyone has their own beam.

In the Dark Treasure Hunt



Flashlight Tag

Hiding in the dark and being spotted by beams of light can be fairly thrilling—just be sure to clear the way for running around in the dark. You'll need either an outdoor space that isn't well lit or an empty-ish basement or gym. Get all the rules for variations over at wikihow.

Flashlight Tag



Make Your Own Constellations

Create your very own universe at home with DIY constellations. Check out this easy tutorial using materials you’ve probably got in the crafts box already, including black paper, scissors and a pencil.



Shadow Puppet Theater

Take shadow-making fun to a whole new level with puppet theater. With a cardboard box, foam figures and a flashlight an entire fairy tale adventure comes to life. You can get some fun ideas for your shadow box using this fun tutorial.




Morse Code Messages

Morse code is basically the original form of texting acronyms (remember SOS?) so kids will get a kick out of learning how to flash-chat with buddies. Create little messages and get familiar with the flashlight for easy code clicking. Check out this tutorial or make up your own codes for favorite words or phrases!



Flashlight Word Game

Play this game and help kids work on their reading skills, too. In fact- this is a great way for kids to practice their vocabulary words and spelling lists without it feeling like homework!

Find the biggest, emptiest wall in your house and sprinkle the space with word cards. There are several variations of play, including having one family member call out a word with everyone else finding it, or flashing light on a word and taking turns reading it. (Hint: Be sure to use painters tape to stick up the words, otherwise, you’ll lose some paint in the process!)




Shadow Dancing

Turn a dance party into major flashlight fun with shadow dancing. Shine a light against a wall, put on a groovy playlist and get moving! It’s fun to watch shadows boogie or even try to make different shapes.

Shadow Dancing



Flashlight Limbo

You don’t need a sandy beach, broomstick or even the classic Limbo song to re-create this game. It’s a classic camp activity that’s perfect for a sleepover. Just flash the beam of light on the wall and have everyone wiggle their way under it. The only real question is: How low can you go?



I Spy

Do you really know what’s in that room?  “I Spy” in the dark is extra fun! Turn out all the lights in a room. Settle in one corner of the bed. Arm each family member with a flashlight. Then the fun begins! Call out items from around the room and see who can shine the light on it first. If you want to get really competitive about it you may want to cover each family member's flashlight with a different color of cellophane so it's easy to tell which flashlight finds it first!


Start with easy items like “Can you find the blue truck?” or “Where is the light switch!”. Then you can graduate to tougher-to-find items.

I Spy in the Dark





Animal Shadows

This classic flashlight game is always loads of fun. Make animal shapes with your hands. Get inspiration from this awesome performance by Raymond Crowe. Prepare to be amazed.




Guess My Shape

Draw a letter, shape or number on the ceiling or the wall while the other tries to guess it. If you want a challenge, draw an animal or an object. The first to guess the shape correctly gets the flashlight. Then it’s his/her turn to draw. Want to add to the challenge? Use head lamps so they have to draw with their heads!



Shadow Charades or Shadow Scenes

If your kids know how to play charades, then they're just about ready to play a game of shadow charades. It's the concept of shadow charades meets shadow puppets. Put a variety of 'charades' in a bowl and let each family member draw out which shadow charade to act out. Taking turns, each family member stands at a wall with someone else shining a flashlight on the wall. The person who's turn it is tries to make shadow puppets on the wall that reflect the word he or she has been given. Players make their guesses. An alternative to Shadow Charades is playing in teams and creating Shadow scenes standing behind a white sheet.



Catch the Light

Kids of all ages love to watch the flashlight dart around the room and catch it.  In this game, the goal is to catch the light.  Move the light all around the room, including on the ceiling, the walls, and on the floor. At random times, stop the light. Everyone is trying to catch the light, so when you stop, they'll all run to the light to try and stomp on it if it's on the floor or jump for it if it's on the wall. (NOTE: This is a great way to get kids, and parents!, to be active and get some exercise without really knowing it!)





Flashlight Faces

Have everyone stand in a circle and shine the flashlight on their face. Take turns calling out words and everyone makes a face to represent that word. The goal is to NOT LAUGH!  Any family member that laughs at someone else's face is out for the round and must turn off their flashlight until the next round. Last face standing wins the round!

Flashlight Faces





Pre-K Adventure

I SPY . . .

is a great game for bedtime routine.  Just be sure your little ones don't leave the bed! Getting out of bed will stimulate them again and They’ll have trouble falling asleep.


Free Play . . . 

is another great game for our littlest Adventurers. Climb into bed (or let them wander the room if you've made sure everything is put away and there is nothing to trip on), turn the light off in a room, then let them turn on the flashlight and search around the room. They'll get a kick out of looking at things in a new light (no pun intended).


Letter Spotlight . . .

This is another fun game for kids just learning their letters. Buy small foam letters (or make them out of cardstock) and put them in the spotlight during your flashlight fun. Have your little Adventurers look at the wall as you hold up a foam letter in front of the flashlight. The foam letter's shadow will magically appear on the wall. Have the child name the letter, or make it a friendly competition with kids of the same skill level and whoever names it first wins a point.



Chase the Light

You’ll need two flashlights for this. Try to let your child chase your flashlight’s beam around the room with his own light. Take turns chasing. This is great to help kids develop small motor skills.




Community Engagement Adventure


Flashlight Tag . . .

is a great game to get the whole neighborhood involved! Gather at the neighborhood park and have some FUN!


Gather a group of people and bring a flashlight. You only need three people to play this game, but the more people you can get to play, the better!


❏ Ask some of your neighborhood families to join your family to play on a weekend. This game is also fun to play when you have a party or sleepover.


❏ Since your parents are coming with you they won't hesitate to let you play outside when it's dark.


❏ Bring some extra batteries with you, in case the batteries in your flashlight quit working in the middle of the game.



Flashlight Word Game . . .

is another one that can be fun especially for teens. Whether you just have fun making up silly sentences or finding words out of a group of letters (think boggle!) OR use this game to learn your science definitions, memorize dates for history or learn biology terms, get creative and HAVE FUN!



Teen Adventure


Teens will enjoy pretty much all of the flashlight games in the basic adventure, but for a little added challenge learn some of these more difficult hand shadows



by Flashlight Fun

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