Healthy, strong family relationships are foundational to young people’s growth, learning, and well-being.


These relationships build strong social and emotional strengths that kids use throughout their lives.


But great family relationships don’t just happen..



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Impact Challenge

Family Adventure

📝 Help students learn about and explore citizenship and the impact they can have on their community


👨‍👩‍👧‍👦  MyImpact Challenge is a civic engagement contest hosted by the Bill of Rights Institute. Their goal is simple: foster a robust understanding of citizenship and get students active in their communities now!

MyImpact Challenge gives students a robust understanding of the role of the citizen in civil society by exploring the pillars of citizenship: entrepreneurship, charity, and government. It is developed with multiple implementations in mind, including classrooms, afterschool programs, and social clubs. With original background essays, guided resources, and rubrics, students will write a research report on the impacts of these different efforts, then develop and implement a project that exemplifies everyday citizenship.


The challenge consists of six lessons your family can complete together. The lessons begin by helping children/families determine the positive impacts they are already making in their society and then culminate in a project to show all that's been learned/completed. Along the way, children and their families will explore and define citizenship and what it means to them.


The whole challenge is laid out in easy to follow PRINTABLE lessons at the link below. You can print PDF versions or download a version that opens in Microsoft Word.


This challenge is a fabulous way to teach our children about citizenship without having to do any of the prep work!



🔸 Do you have stories you can share about why you are grateful to live in your community/country? Share them! Tell your children what it means to you to be a good citizen & why this is important.


🔸Since there are 6 lessons, split this up. Make a plan & schedule it! Maybe you'll do one lesson every weekend or aim to fit in two per week. Whatever you choose, pick a family "reward" for finishing this project. That might include a night out, a family game night, etc.


🔸Encourage your kids to enter the official challenge located at -- they might win the grand prize of $10,000 (! Be sure to set up your own family level reward, too, so that kids don't have to wait for the final results.


Overview of the 6 Lessons:

Lesson 1: Identifying Your Problem

Lesson 2: Defining Citizenship

What does citizenship really mean? America’s founders thought that a free society could only stand if citizens answered the challenge to be “virtuous.”  

In this lesson, you’ll learn how the founders defined virtue, and how those ideas can translate to “civic virtues” embodied in your own project. 

Lesson 3: Government & Community

In this MyImpact Challenge activity, students will describe the responsibilities and limits of federal and local government and explore the role government organizations might play in solving their project challenge.

Lesson 4: Charity & Community

In this MyImpact Challenge activity, students will describe the examine how Americans have participated in charitable associations in the past before exploring possible connections between their own project ideas and current charitable organizations. They will participate in a peer review activity to help reflect on and refine their project plan.

Lesson 5: Entrepreneurship & Community

In this MyImpact Challenge activity, students will examine the impact of entrepreneurship on civil society. They will weigh the pros and cons of the different solution options (government, charity, or entrepreneurship) and select the option that best suits their project challenge.

Lesson 6: Finalizing Your Project




💯 For credit, complete lessons 1-6 with your family. Share with us what you learned & the project you completed





Pre-K Adventure

👶 You may have to adapt parts of this challenge for younger kids. Check your library for books that relate to citizenship. (Ask your librarian for suggestions.)




Community Engagement Adventure

🏘 As you go through My Impact Challenge you will find many opportunities to engage in the community.




Teen Adventure

💁‍♂️💁🏻‍♀️ This Challenge is for teens.



by Citizenship:


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