2021-2022 RULES and GUIDELINES:

Rule #1:    Use Your Imagination!

Rule #2:   Have FUN!!

The goal of this program is for kids to use their imagination and explore their talents, both known and unknown. Therefore, we don't have many rules.

Here are the guidelines:

  • Create whatever piece represents the category to you.
  • All submissions must be family-friendly and appropriate. Any submission deemed to be inappropriate by the judges will be disqualified. If you have questions please inquire at Wattson@MyDiscoveryDestination.com.


  • All submissions need to be submitted by PHOTO or VIDEO by March 15, 2022.
  • Videos should not exceed 90 seconds.
  • Email your submission to MyDiscoveryDestination@gmail.com
  • Complete the Submission Form:


  • Judges will narrow submissions down to the top 5 in each category (see categories below).
  • Top 5 entries will be uploaded online for a People's Choice voting period.
  • Winners will be a combination of People's Choice and Judging.
  • All judges decisions will be final.

Last year's Overall 1st Place Entry:


(NOTE: Overlay added to protect the artist's ownership of the work)


2-D Art

3-D Art

Dance Performance

Dance Composition

Music Performance

Music Composition

Literature and Writing


3D Printing





Current Affairs

Around the World

Computer Coding