Discovery Family Program Details





❏ Encourage Families to Spend Quality Time Together Regularly and Often!


❏ Provide parents with a powerful prevention program for their families, and


❏ Provide youth and parents with a fun personal development program.






❏ Spending quality time together as a family


❏ Completing 'Adventures' -The weekly adventures will have plenty of flexibility to fit your family style




Why Earn Points?


❏  Family Reward Events and  win prizes  in areas where funding is available for a community coordinator!  Click that link to find out how the prizes work.




My Discovery Destination!'s Commitment to YOU:


❏ Provide a variety of family adventures designed to teach life skills, involve you in service, and create family bonding. We will provide an 'On The Go' version of the Adventures on the Discovery Hunt (Goosechase) App platform.


❏ Post additional information for the 'Adventures' at when needed.


❏ Provide Adventure spotlights and prevention messaging to all FB communities and via the Discovery App.


❏ Post plenty of fun, FREE family activities for you to enjoy as a family in the FB communities (limited to those communities with active Community Coordinators).


❏ Provide rewards and incentives! as much as possible.


❏ Provide the Tracking Tool for you to track your progress.


❏ Provide the tool to create a digital Photo Journal of your family time throughout the year!


❏ Provide parenting resources and ideas to address some of the top challenges and concerns parents face today.




What we ask of  YOU:



Everything we do at My Discovery Destination! is 100% FREE! However, there are some important things you can do to support the program and make it possible for us to keep providing these resources for your family:



Share your selfies! This is a very easy way to support the program that doesn't cost a dime. Of course, be sure to put safety first-- you can learn more in our Online Safety Adventure.



Support our Partners - Family Reward Partners and Adventure Partners! Follow and like their social media profiles, supporting them when you need products and services they provide, and Say Thank You!



Share the Adventures!  Please share this program and the Adventures with other families you know that would benefit from some FREE Family Fun!




How to Get Started:


CONNECT: There are 3 important ways to connect


❏ Get connected to the Discovery Hunt App:



→ Search for Discovery Family Adventures


→ Feel free to join BOTH!



❏ You can still register on the website to create an Adventure Photo Journal


❏ Join your local Facebook Community


❏  Text 'family' to 888-403-4140 to download our app






❏ Find the 'Adventures' on the Discovery app (or at



❏ Parents- Review the 1st 10 Adventures to learn about the program



❏ Set Goals together as a family for personal development and family bonding.



❏ Record your family time using the App (or website)


→ On the App simply upload the pic or videoclip-- SUPER EASY!


→ Website: 'Complete Adventure' links located at the end of each Adventure. If they aren't there be sure you are logged in.



❏ Remember you can and should adapt all of the Adventures to meet the needs of your children and families.






❏ Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest




Things to Know:


❏ Completing an average of 1-2 Adventure per week together as a family will qualify you for the Family Reward events. (NOTE: these events are only available in grant areas.)


❏ The more points you earn the better your chance of winning the BIGGER Incentives.


❏ The 'Just For Parents' Adventure (on the website) will show you how this program incorporates the protective factors your kids need to prevent risky behaviors, including under-age drinking, smoking and vaping, teen-age pregnancy and even suicide.


❏ The Intro Adventure and 'Set-Up' Adventure (on the website)will teach you everything you need to know to participate in the Discovery Family Program.


❏ The 'Setting Goals' Adventure will give you a framework for helping you and your children get the most benefit from the program.


❏ These introductory Adventures that are designed to help parents learn about the program  and do not count towards qualifying for the monthly Family Reward Events since they do not involve the whole family. On the Discovery Hunt App they are broken up into 10 shorter missions.


Have Fun!!