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Supporting Homeschool Families and their education

is a GREAT place to start!!

There are 4 main areas where we can have a positive impact for homeschool families:

 Provide funding to sponsor events like the Science Fair and Discovery Awards

 Organize tours and group experiences

   Connect them to community resources

   Educate the community about the homeschool experience

1. Provide Funding to Sponsor events like the Homeschool Science Fair and Discovery Awards


The Challenge:   

Homeschool families work together to provide experiences like the Science Fair, History Fair, and #KIDpreneur programs.  These events require funding and awards to be successful and create a positive experience for participants.

The Solution:  

My Discovery Destination! can help businesses re-direct a portion of their marketing dollars into supporting homeschool families.

100% of the profits will go to support homeschooling

2. Provide Tours and Group Experiences


The Challenge: 

Homeschool Families have a need for opportunities to take their children on tours and group experiences.

The Solution:  

My Discovery Destination! can work with our Adventure Partners to organize tours and group experiences for homeschool families.

3. Connect Them to Community Resources


The Challenge:

There are many community resources available that could be very beneficial for homeschool families. However, many times families do not know where to find these resources, or don't have time in their busy schedules to seek them out.

The Solution: 

My Discovery Destination! provides a space where families can connect to community resources and be aware of all of the great things going on in the community.

4. Educate the Community about the Homeschool Experience

The Challenge:

Many families in the community do not understand important aspects of homeschooling

The Solution:

My Discovery Destination! can help by providing bite-size bits of information on a regular basis to help the community better understand the homeschool experience.

What YOU can do to get connected and help build the program in your area:

   Join the MyDiscoveryDestination! Facebook group for your area.

                     You can find your local community at MyDiscoveryDestination.com/communities.

    Invite other parents at your neighborhood, from your homeschool group, and your friends and neighbors,

               and your family to join the group

   Invite local businesses to support homeschooling through their Adventure Partner membership.

    Participate in the Adventures with your child(ren).

    Stay CONNECTED and ACTIVE in the facebook community to get the most out of the group and the program.

If you are interested in helping us manage the program in your area while also earning extra income contact us at Wattson@MyDiscoveryDestination.com.