What is My Discovery Destination?

My Discovery Destination! is a network of local communities that connect parents to the best events & resources for kids and families in their community and in the communities they travel to.

How does it work?

Parents use the My Discovery Destination! communities and website to find everything from fairs and festivals to classes, community events, and a full range of FUN family experiences.

What makes us different? Unlike websites that simply pull together information about activities already happening in the community, My Discovery Destination! takes a pro-active approach in working with local businesses and organizations to plan and organize Adventures intentionally designed to help families CREATE and CAPTURE Memories together.

Join our team of Community Coordinators who are running their own businesses and making a positive difference in the communities where they live.

What You Do

Build and Maintain the

Local Facebook Group and Calendar

Contact and Work with Local Adventure Partners



What It Takes


Good Communication Skills

People-Oriented Attitude

Being Passionate About Strengthening Families and Building Character



Commission Pay - NO LIMITS

Training & Experience

Ongoing Personal Development

Franchise Ownership Option

MORE: Control - Time - Income -

All While Making a Positive Difference!

   Events and Freebies for Your Family.  You'll be able to plan activities you want for your own family as well as barter with local businesses in your community for free tickets, classes and other freebies.

   Extra Income.  You will be able to create current income through commission as high 50% as well as build residual income for the future. You can work your way into a franchise without any upfront costs.

    Flexibility.  Enjoy flexible hours that allow you to run a My Discovery Destination! community while your kids are in school or napping, and be with them while they’re home.
   Reboot Your Career  Receive in-depth training and get hands-on experience in online marketing, social media, event planning & advertising sales.
    Exclusivity.  You get the exclusive right to be the one and only Community Coordinator/Franchise owner in your community. You have the option to expand your community into multiple franchises for your area.

    For Yourself, Not By Yourself.   Work from home, but not alone.  You'll have the best tools, training & support from our Executive Team and inspiration & motivation from your peers across the country.

    Be the Coolest Mom Ever!  Your kids will think you rock.  Let’s face it, what’s cooler than being the most in-the-know mom in the community who makes life fun for every kid in town?

   Make a Difference.  You'll be creating invaluable family experiences for parents, helping businesses reach their goals, & directing funding to schools, education and non-profit organizations.  And they'll love you for it.

   Bridge the Career Gap.  If getting back into the work force some day is your goal, you can flex your business brain and rev up your resume with hands-on experiences and training opportunities. You will be ready for whatever interests you in the future.

Your Life - Your Way!