We know that prizes and rewards provide a fun incentive for families and kids to work towards and we will give out as many prizes as funding allows. There are different types of prizes:



Family Reward Events:  In communities where we have grant funding or Adventure Partners, we will provide FREE Family Reward Events every month for families that qualify. Families qualify by completing an average of one Adventure per week. Families that complete at least one Adventure per week (and who register for the coordinating Reward Event) are invited to attend the Event regardless of where they live–they are welcome to travel. Just remember that the Events take place in areas where we have funding.



Discovery Hunts: The program provides a variety of rewards for families that get the most points on seasonal Discovery Hunts. Prizes are based on availability for the area and at the discretion of the My Discovery Destination! Team. Some Discovery Hunts are program-wide while others are community-based.



 ❏ Giveaways: We provide a variety of program-wide rewards and giveaways as often as possible!



Discovery Family Adventures: Point Levels:  In communities with active Community Coordinators, we will work with local businesses to provide prizes based on point levels. These prizes will kick in only when funding is available in the specific area.



Family-based Rewards: We encourage parents to not rely solely on the program rewards, but set-up family-based reward systems to encourage kids to participate, for example:


 → Parents (or families as a whole) can decide on a fun family experience they will do when they reach a certain number of points as a family


→ Parents (or families as a whole) can select a few Adventures to tie a 'reward’ to (parents, if you want to make this decision without the input of your children, you can make it a ‘surprise reward’ tied to that event). Take it one step further, if you would like, and give said reward to the child who picked that particular adventure–after it’s completed, of course.




NOTE: Sometimes it might seem like we are ‘vague’ about what the prize you will win actually is. That’s because we ARE, but for a very good reason.


We want the prizes we give out to:


→ Bring families together


→ Be located close to where the winning family lives, and


→ Fit the ages and interest of the family members


For example, if a family from St George wins, having a reward located in Cache Valley won’t be of much value to them. In addition, axe throwing is a popular choice for families with teens, but if a family with preschoolers were to win that prize it wouldn’t do much good. We prefer to give out the VALUE of the prize and then involve the family that wins in helping to determine the specific prize. We believe this increases the value of the prize because it fits the winner- we hope you see the value of our ‘vagueness’ as well!