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Learn - Play - Work - Serve, and DISCOVER the world together.

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The Adventures can be found in the Discovery Family Grid.  Reminders and spotlights will also be posted in the various Facebook communities, so be sure you have joined your local community.  If there isn't a My Discovery Destination! community in your neighborhood you can join the USA Community.  If you'd like to help us start a community in your area email us at (Guess what? It's super simple, fun, and you can get paid for playing with your kids!)

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  • Family Vacations
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Program details, enhancements, and BONUSES will be provided in the Facebook communities, in our other social media sites, and by email, so don't worry if you don't have all the answers right now.  You will get details as they become available.

Meanwhile, ask questions in the Facebook community; we will answer you there.