My Discovery Destination!

Supports Youth and Education

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Strengthening Families, Building Character, and Improving Lives . . .

Supporting our schools, PTO's and education

is a GREAT place to start!!

There are 4 main areas where we can create a major positive impact for your PTO:

   Direct funding to the PTO

   Increase membership numbers

   Help facilitate communication with parents

   Educate the community about key issues like parenting, safety, and legislative updates

1. Directing Funding to the PTO

The Challenge: Many PTOs are looking for additional funding sources.

The Solution: My Discovery Destination! can re-direct a portion of marketing dollars local businesses are spending to the PTO with very little effort on the part of PTO.

100% of the profits will go to the PTO

2. Help Increase Membership in the PTO

The Challenge:  Many parents don’t understand why they should be a part of the parent group at their school.

The Solution: My Discovery Destination! can help increase membership numbers through


   Adding value to the PTO membership with Parent Perks

   Working with our Adventure Partners to hold special membership Adventures

3. Help Facilitate Communication with Parents

The Challenge: PTOs tend to reach mostly parents on the PTO membership roster, or parents within the school. However, in order to grow it's important to reach ALL parents, grandparents, and community members where they already are hanging out.

The Solution: My Discovery Destination! can help facilitate communication through the various forms of media, including the Facebook community, texting, and the app.

4. Educate the Community About Key Issues

The Challenge: The PTO has a plethora of important information to share with parents, but the communication processes currently being used often do not reach the parents.

The Solution: My Discovery Destination! can help by providing bite-size bits of information on a regular basis to help parents learn about and understand the important issues and information that PTO can offer, and can help disseminate that information in a space where parents are watching.

What YOU can do to help your school benefit from this program:

   Join the MyDiscoveryDestination! Facebook group for your area. You can find your local community at

    Invite other parents at your school, your friends and neighbors, and your family to join the group

   Invite local businesses to support the school as Adventure Partners.

    Participate in the Adventures with your child.

    Stay CONNECTED and ACTIVE in the facebook community to get the most out of the group and the program.

If you are interested in helping us manage the program in your area while also earning extra income contact us at