My Discovery Destination! Supports Youth and Education

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Strengthening Families


Building Character, and


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Supporting our schools and education is a GREAT place to start!!



My Discovery Destination! Helps PTO Leaders Succeed

There are 3 main areas where we can have a positive impact on the local PTO:

  • Direct funding to the PTOs
  • Help increase membership numbers
  • Education about the importance of parent involvement in a child’s education


Directing Funding to PTOs

How My Discovery Destination! Can Help: My Discovery Destination! can direct funding to the PTOs with virtually no extra effort on the part of PTO leaders. Every school has a number of parents who either own or work for companies and organizations that also believe in strengthening families and building character, AND are also looking for ways to become better known in the local community. These parents have an opportunity to become Adventure Sponsors, supporting their school while also receiving an opportunity to participate in relationship marketing at it’s best. For every Adventure Sponsor that comes from the school:

  • 100% of the profits will go to the school’s PTO
  • Your PTO group can help ensure that more of that funding goes to your school



Helping Increase PTO Membership Numbers

How My Discovery Destination! Can Help: My Discovery Destination! can help increase membership numbers through education and by adding value to the PTO membership:

  • Through the community facebook pages, where virtually every family is linked in, we have the opportunity to promote local PTO groups and educate families about the importance of joining their school’s PTO.
  • My Discovery Destination! will be holding community events in virtually every community. These events encourage parents to join their school PTO by providing free entrance to the Play Zone for all PTO members. Parents who do not belong to their school’s parent organization pay $3-5 per child. This means that it is in the families best interest to join their school’s parent group. These events also provide an opportunity for education about the important role belonging to the school’s parent organization makes in a child’s life.



Educate the Community About the Importance of

Parent Involvement in a Child’s Education

How My Discovery Destination! Can Help: Many parents don’t understand the value and importance that their involvement in the parent organization at their school is for their children. When they think PTO they think ‘volunteering at school’ or ‘fundraising’. My Discovery Destination! can help educate the community by providing bite-size bits of information on a regular basis to help parents learn about the impact their involvement has on their child’s education.


What can YOU do to get the most benefit for your school?

  • Join the MyDiscoveryDestination! facebook group for your area (search My Discovery Destination! with your city name)
  • Invite other parents at your school, your friends and neighbors, and your family to join the group
  • Tell potential Adventure Sponsors you may know about My Discovery Destination! and send them this link:
  • Participate in the Adventures with your child.
  • Stay CONNECTED and ACTIVE in the facebook group to get the most out of the group and the program

If you are interested in helping us grow the program in your area while also earning extra income contact us at

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