What is My Discovery Destination! ?

This is a program funded by businesses in the community to provide free activities for families in their community.  It provides opportunities for families to CREATE and CAPTURE memories.  My Discovery Destination! is all about STRENGTHENING families, building CHARACTER, and IMPROVING lives.



Who is the program for?  

The program’s target audience is families with children who are preschoolers to teenageers. It’s also a great way for grandparents to get involved with their grandchildren.


How much does it cost?

My Discovery Destination! is FREE for families.



I don’t like posting pictures of my kids on social media. Can I still participate?

YES!  To complete each adventure you will need to take a picture in a location specified by the Adventure Sponsor.  If you do not want your child’s picture posted on social media you can:

  • take the picture from the back so that the child cannot be identified, or
  • opt to take a picture of the business logo or whatever location or item is specified without your child in it.



Who sees what I post?  

Anyone in the MY DISCOVERY DESTINATION! facebook group can see what you post in the group. You can manage who can see what you post on your personal social media sites in the settings area.



Why do I hashtag businesses?

We want you to hashtag your pictures for several reasons, including:

  • So that the businesses that support this program are being recognized in the community
  • So that Adventure Sponsors can see that families are benefitting from the program and their support is making a difference,
  • To help spread the word about My Discovery Destination!
  • To create fun and excitement in the group.



How many Adventures do I have to do?

You can do as many or as few of the Adventures as you want.  The number you do is up to you.  The best thing about this program is that you can cater this to your needs or situation. Our goal is to provide you with resources, information, and ample opportunities to CREATE and CAPTURE memories.



Do I have to be a PTA member to participate?

No! My Discovery Destination! is thrilled to be a Come PLAY with PTA partner, and supporting education and local PTA units is one of our focus points. As a Come Play with PTA Partner there will be a few activities in each community that will be FREE for PTA members but there will be a charge for other families.  Membership in your local PTA support advocacy for children and we highly recommend that rather than paying for your children to participate in the activities you join your PTA (usually $5-$7) and then your children will be able to participate in these events at no cost.



How do I track what Adventures we have done?

We are so excited to announce that you can now track the Adventures your children complete through the new My Discovery Destination! app.  It makes it SUPER EASY and FUN!! You can download the app in the app store for free. Each time you complete an adventure by taking your picture at a specific business it will automatically update your progress.



Why do we need to track the Adventures?

There are several reasons you will want to track the Adventures your children complete:

  • PRIZES!! We will have an end of the session party in each community where prizes will be given out based on the number of Adventures completed and points received.
  • We do have some pretty amazing collaborations where My Discovery Destination! kids will have some AWESOME opportunities. (Ex: for the fall session the Adventurers with the most Adventure points earned will be recognized at a Jazz game on January 15, 2018. Details will be released as they become available).
  • In order for us to keep the Adventures available to families we need to have Adventure Sponsors. In order to secure Adventure Sponsors we need to be able to show them that the program is being used and is making a positive difference for participating families.



What is home based, out and about, and scheduled?

These are different categories for our Adventures.  Scheduled Adventures can only be done on a specific date and time (posted on the Adventure Page, on the local calendar, and in the local facebook group).  The ‘Flexible’ Adventures must be completed at a specific location, but can be done on the schedule of the participating family.  Home based Adventures can be completed at home. School based Adventures can be completed at school OR they are Adventures that focus on developing a skill that will help kids be successful at school. The Out and About Adventures can be done on your own schedule and will take you out and about in the community. Online Adventures will require you to go online at some point to complete the Adventure (besides the social media portion). Many Adventures will fit into more than one category.



Do I need to reserve a space for the scheduled Adventures?

It helps if you register for the scheduled Adventures on the app. This will let the Adventure Sponsor and the My Discovery Destination! team know the potential number of attendees for the activity so they can be sure to have enough space, materials, food and prizes.  However, if you do not sign up you can still attend.



Can I start in the middle of a session?

Yes! Families can start at anytime during the session.  Make this work for your family!  Pick the activities that work best with your schedule and time.


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