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Supports Youth and Education

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Supporting our schools and education

is a GREAT place to start!!


There are 4 main areas where we can create a positive impact for your school:

 Direct funding and resources to the School

  Help facilitate better communication with parents

 Help increase business and community engagement with the school

 Educate parents about the importance of parent involvement in schools



1. Directing Funding and Resources to the School

The Challenge: Schools are constantly in need of additional funding and resources.

The Solution: My Discovery Destination! can assist businesses in re-directing a portion of their marketing dollars into the school with virtually no extra effort on the part of the school or Adventure Partner. When associated with a school, our Adventure Partners have an opportunity to have their membership fees support the school(s) of their choice.

100% of the profits will go to the school


2. Help Facilitate Better Communication with Parents

The Challenge:  Many times the information schools send home to parents does not make it to them. Flyers get lost in the bottom of backpacks, emails get deleted without getting opened, and phone calls get missed or hung up on.

The Solution: My Discovery Destination! can help facilitate better communication with schools by putting the messages in front of parents in the facebook communities where they already are watching and engaged.

  Depending on school needs, this can be done in the general groups or in a specific, school-only format.

3. Help Increase Business and Community Engagement

The Challenge: Schools want businesses and the community to be engaged with the school, and businesses want to support education in their communities. Too often, however, time limitations prevent these important connections from happening.

The Solution: My Discovery Destination! can help establish these important collaborations between the schools and the community, both businesses and organizations, in a way that benefits everyone. 

 Collaborations can include small home-based businesses of parents in the school, as well as mid-size and large businesses.


4. Educate Parents About the Importance of Parent Involvement in Schools

The Challenge: Many parents don't understand how important it is for them to be involved in their child's education.

The Solution: My Discovery Destination! can educate parents by providing bite-size bits of information on a regular basis to help parents learn about and understand the importance of parent involvement in their child's education. These 'bits' are delivered in a space where parents are already watching and involved to ensure that they see the valuable information.

   Through the community pages and other media platforms, where virtually every family is linked in, we have the opportunity to promote parent involvement and other key issues in bite-size snippets that will reach parents even if they choose not to delve deeper.

What YOU can do to help your school benefit from this program:

   Register your school HERE. (It's FREE!)

   Join the MyDiscoveryDestination! Facebook group for your area. (It's FREE!)

              You can find your local community at

    Invite other parents at your school, your friends and neighbors, and your family to join the group

   Invite local businesses to support the school with their Adventure Partner membership.

    Participate in the Adventures with your own children and grandchildren. (It's FREE!)

    Stay CONNECTED and ACTIVE in the facebook community to get the most out of the group and the program.

If you know of someone who might be interested in helping us manage the program in your area please have them contact us at