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Family Adventure

Welcome to the Parent Involvement Adventure!


Everything My Discovery Destination! does is about bringing families together to learn, grow, and experience life together in positive, character building ways. You can connect to our entire collection of resilience building activities at MyDiscoveryDestination.com/Discovery.



Want to be a VIP Discovery Family for bonus benefits?


Completing the 4 simple steps in this Adventure will put the 'VIP' designation on your membership card so you are qualified for savings and benefits on fun family experiences throughout the state all year long.


It takes less than 5-minutes (usually about 3!) and will get you set-up to not only be ready to be an involved parent throughout the school year, but will also qualify you to participate in special My Discovery Destination! membership drive events to be scheduled as soon as we are able to gather in large groups again . . . and to enjoy Member Perks all year long!


Complete these 4 simple steps in order:


1) Join your local My Discovery Destination! Facebook community

You can find the closest community to you HERE. If you do not have a Facebook account, you will receive instructions via email about how to find information on upcoming events.



2) This step is no longer required, but to avoid any confusion on connecting pages we will just give you a FREEBIE step rather than take a chance of creating confusion!



3) Register as as a My Discovery Destination! Family (Totally FREE!).

This will provide you with a My Discovery Destination! digital membership card.


Once you have registered you will always be able to access your membership card by going to https://mydiscoverydestination.com/membership-card/.  If that doesn't work for you, you aren't logged in.  There are several links to the login page in the top menu, but the easiest to find is probably the BIG Orange button on the bottom of every page! We tried to make it nice and easy for you to find!


**NOTE** After registering you will be re-directed to a page that will help you make sure you know how to log back in if you get logged out. Step #3 on that page is the same as Step #4 on this page-- connecting your VIP status. It will bring you right back to this page to finish up. If you want to return to that page after completing this Adventure you can always find it HERE.


4)  Link your VIP status to your digital membership card for easy, convenient access.

Click on the orange 'COMPLETE BASIC' button below to record completion of this Adventure. This will update your membership card to make you eligible for FREE family experiences and all of the other great benefits we have in store for VIP Members and involved parents! (Find the 'COMPLETE BASIC' button below - right under the membership card)


√ When recording completion of this event keep in mind that completing these 4 steps IS the 'Adventure'.
√ When it requests a photo you can upload anything that represents you being an involved parent!
√ You only need to complete the Adventure ONE TIME to connect your VIP membership to your card. For this Adventure complete it under the 'FAMILY NAME'.

√ **IMPORTANT** If you don't see an orange button below (right below the membership card and above the 'Photo Location') you are not logged in. You can log in at https://mydiscoverydestination.com/wp-login.php after completing step #3.  Once you have recorded the Adventure, your membership card will automatically indicate your eligibility to participate in special VIP events.


That's it!  You're ready to go ENJOY!!



Have a GREAT time this year with your family.

If you have any questions you can always contact us at Wattson@MyDiscoveryDestination.com









Community Engagement Adventure


Please help us SPREAD THE WORD and THANK the Adventure Partners that make these Adventures possible.


❏  Tell your friends and family about these Adventures so that they can enjoy them as well!


❏  Find those nearest you and go to their website or Facebook page and let them know you appreciate them. You can show your gratitude by leaving a review, making a comment, or following them. Be sure to mention #MyDiscoveryDestination so that they know their participation got noticed!


❏  Be sure to record this Adventure and earn 3 POINTS towards awesome prizes.







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Also sponsored by My Discovery Destination!

My Discovery Destination! is all about STRENGTHENING FAMILIES and BUILDING CHARACTER by creating plenty of opportunities for a family to CREATE and CAPTURE Memories together through meaningful adventures that help kids learn, use their imagination, develop new skills, or all of the above!


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