The Be Awesome Online 6 Areas of Focus:

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Feb 17-21, 2020

Be SECURE Online


Keeping Information Protected


Privacy and security are every bit as important online as offline. Families need to safeguard valuable information to avoid potential dangers such as identity theft, human trafficking, and damaging devices, reputations, and relationships. Parents can use parental controls to help kids while they learn how to navigate the online world they live in.

Be AWARE Online


Know What's Real and How to Spot Fake


Kids need to know that not everything they see online is real. Parents and kids alike need to learn how to spot fake emails, accounts, news, and even pictures.  Being aware that people and situations online aren’t always what they seem to be is crucial to online safety.

February 24-28, 2020

March 2-6, 2020

Be SMART Online


Share the Right Information at the Right Time


Technology is such a fun way to stay connected to family and friends across the country or across the street. However, it can also open our lives and private matters to the world if we aren't careful. It's important for kids and adults alike to know WHAT to share, WHERE to share it, and WHEN to share it to avoid situations that can have lasting consequences.

Do GOOD Online




Technology has changed our world! Every industry has been forever changed in the past 2 decades. The same goes for our personal lives and how we interact with people. Technology can amplify the impact of our behavior, whether it's positive or negative. Kids need to know that their actions online have an impact on others, for better or worse. Be Kind!

March 9-13, 2020

March 16-20, 2020

Be BRAVE Online


If in Doubt, Check It Out - Talk It Out!


When kids encounter questionable content and situations that make them uncomfortable, they need to know that they can talk to a trusted adult. Parents can encourage this by fostering open, non-judgmental communication at home. They can also help kids identify other trusted adults that they can go to when needed.

Be SAFE Online


Protect Our Kids


The Internet puts the world at our fingertips. It also brings the world into our homes, which means parents must always be on guard to protect our kids from dangers like pornography and human trafficking. It's real! Let's make our children's safety a priority!

March 23-27, 2020

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