Our Mission


Our mission is to strengthen families by providing opportunities for FREE Family Fun and connecting  parents with programs, resources and information that help them acquire the skills necessary to raise loving, responsible, resilient children.



Our Vision


Our vision is to promote happiness, prosperity and societal stability through strong families and meaningful parent-child relationships. We believe that strong parent-child relationships are the key to providing children with tools and encouragement to make healthy and safe choices in their lives, keeping them free from drugs, alcohol, violence, crime and pornography.


We believe that if parents and other adults will provide opportunities for youth to develop new skills and enhance existing skills, provide appropriate recognition and intrinsic rewards for doing so, and set clear standards of behavior for youth the result will be that families will bond and will experience better outcomes for youth.


Our goal is to bring entire communities together to support this vision to provide family outings, parent resources through web based tools, social media, educational materials, and by hosting ongoing interactive family Adventures that are available to all families throughout Utah.

. . . gives us activities to look forward to! . . . I love how they stress that making memories doesn’t have to be complicated or cost anything! ~Amy L
. . . stay connected with people and things to do in our hometown! I love that it’s a family centered place so everyone can enjoy it! ~Maury J
`{`My Discovery Destination!`}` is wonderful to be able to have fun with our children and at the same time learn many new things ~Beatriz R

Strengthen Families.   Build Character.

What makes My Discovery Destination! Unique?

Unlike other companies that simply list activities already happening in the community,

we take a pro-active approach and work with local businesses and the educational community

to provide new opportunities for families to CREATE and CAPTURE Memories.

All adventures are meaningful for kids and intentionally designed to

strengthen families, build character, foster creativity and financial literacy in participants.

Families grow closer as they discover new interests, talents and passions.

Local businesses prosper by participating in activities and events that bring families closer together.

My Discovery Destination! brings the entire community together in a powerful, creative collaboration

that is positive, exciting, and provides value, fun and benefit for everyone involved!

Our core consists of the Discovery Family Adventures and Discover Family Fun Communities!

Join the Fun!

FREE Activities

FUN Family Experiences

Resources, Freebies & Rewards

Affordable Marketing That Brings

Customers Right to Your Front Door

With Interactive Community Programs

Funding & Donations

New Business Connections

Increased Membership & Awareness

If you're looking for something to do, this is it. They have so many fun activities and prizes to go with them, but most of all it brings the whole family together. ~Kimberly R
Such a great way to get information on local events, family businesses, deals, and ideas. They do the research for you! ~Emma W
. . . so much fun . . . helped us get out and about . . . in a creative and safe way and having quality time together as a family. ~Becky J