Take a peek at what people are saying about My Discovery Destination!


These comments come from the facebook group, instagram, twitter, and even a few ‘in person’.

They think we got some things right! What do YOU think!?!




“I’ve looked through the Adventures and there are so many fun things to do that this is going to be our ENTIRE summer! I didn’t have to come up with anything else to keep the kids occupied. This [My Discovery Destination!] has it covered!” ~Emily N


“Just flipping through the passport I’m realizing how many things there are to do here in Cache Valley that I wasn’t even aware of. I’ve lived here for 20 years and there are businesses in here I didn’t even know we had.” ~Nicole L


“We just barely moved to Cache Valley and this program is more than just fun for the kids- it’s helping me find out all the things I need to know about our new community!” ~Michelle S


We did this today and had so much fun!” ~ Sarah D


“We are having so much fun with this! Thank you a million times over!” ~Katie M


“I think this is going to be an awesome thing for Cache Valley. Maybe even other places.” ~Gayle B




What Do YOU Say!?!



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