All families nominated will get to participate in Wattson' Holiday Hunt to compete for all kinds of family games, family outings and fun family experiences. These will be great to use as Christmas gifts! As a nominee you will get FREE access to the hunt. You can nominate up to 5 friends, and will receive BONUS POINTS in the game for each friend nominated. (NOTE: Other families will pay $25/family to participate with all funds going toward purchasing family games and outings to go to winning families. The Grand Prize will be provided by My Discovery Destination! and will be a family vacation. The value of the prize will equal $1 for every participating family in the Holiday Hunt up to $500).



Please provide the Team Name that your family will use so that we can approve you when you register for the game. If you would like to receive an email notification 3 days before the game opens to ensure that no one else selects your team name (and therefore gets your 'FREE' status) you can leave your email address below. However, it is NOT required to do so. You are welcome to stay tuned to your local My Discovery Destination! Facebook community where it will be announced when the game releases.



Registration - Holiday Hunt