In gratitude for your support in 2019, and to help you and yours have an incredible 2020,

we have some special gifts for My Discovery Destination! families:

Gift #1

Discovery Family Program

Several mental health professionals have referred to this program as one of the most powerful prevention tools available for families. Our gift to you is not only the current program, but our gift for 2020 is that we will provide new 'Adventures' for you to enjoy with your family all year long.

Gift #2

Family Photo Journal

Our second gift is an Adventure Photo Journal so you can record all of the family fun you have throughout 2020. This amazing tool will make it easy to create an exciting visual of your family time. Use the 'You Choose' Adventure to include family outings that do not match an existing Adventure.

Gift #3

2020 Chit Chat

The Chit Chat game was designed and produced by R&R Partners for Parents Empowered. Chit Chat is all about getting families talking and bonding. Our final gift to you is a new set of chit chat questions to go with the holidays and the new year. CLICK HERE to access the additional cards.