Program Details for Sponsors

My Discovery Destination!

Where Early Adopters Win BIG and Win PERMANENTLY!!

My Discovery Destination! appreciates the businesses that are helping to start this incredible movement to support families and

we believe that early adopters should be rewarded for their willingness to jump on early and help get the ball moving!


As a Founding business in your community you will receive a permanent discount on all future sessions and any additional opportunities that may become a part of the program. Here is how you get started:


STEP 1    Review the BENEFITS of being an Adventure Sponsor


STEP 2       


STEP 3      Review the Adventure Sponsors Blog to learn how you can

Get the Most From Your Sponsorship!


STEP 4      Let the Fun (and growth!) Begin!!


Suggested Actions to take throughout the program (all optional, of course, but highly recommended!):

  • Post a ‘My Discovery Destination! Adventure sponsor sign somewhere in your business. (See the Resources Section)
  • Choose a little something for kids that complete your Adventure-
    • swag,
    • free item from your menu,
    • coupon for a free entry (how about planning a big end of session bash for all of the kids that completed your Adventure!?),
    • or even just a bowl of candy that they get to choose when they come in.
  • Spend 5-10 minutes per day in your local facebook group networking with potential clients.
    • Liking and commenting on potential customers pictures
    • Posting pictures of you and your kids/grandkids participating in the adventures
    • Posting comments about your sponsored Adventure and/or family friendly aspects of your business
  • Schedule an Adventure at your business so potential clients interested in what you do can come get to know you.
    • Not sure what ‘Adventure’ you would do? How about scheduling a Where’s Wattson? event? Ask for details.
  • Update your personal Adventure Page with family friendly information that pertains to your services (and then post it in the facebook group).
  • Take advantage of the training opportunities provided by the program.