My Discovery Destination! is collaborating with Utah PTA to help increase the 2019-2020 school year PTA membership enrollment.  These membership drives will be one evening events where PTA families get to attend for FREE and Non-PTA families pay full price. This means it is CHEAPER for families to JOIN PTA than to NOT!





Schools:  Increased parent engagement


PTAs:  Increased PTA enrollment


Hosting Business: Up to $5,000 in FREE marketing and advertising with My Discovery Destination! giving them widespread exposure to families within their local area and/or across the state, whichever they choose.



3 Dates selected*: 


September 16 - CLICK HERE to view a map of the participating locations.

November 18 - (Postponed. Check your local My Discovery Destination! Facebook group for details)

January 27 - Must be registered by December 15th to participate

(All Mondays)

*If these dates do not work for a business that would like to participate, we can work with them



How can you get involved?


Schools: Register HERE to participate.


Parents: Register HERE to get a FREE My Discovery Destination! digital membership card, and JOIN PTA!


Family Fun Businesses: Register HERE to host the membership drive(s) and receive your FREE marketing/advertising!




This program being provided by My Discovery Destination! on behalf of Utah PTA as part of an MOU partnership for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years.