Why Use a Discovery Hunt?

Thank you for your interest in using a Discovery Hunt to engage parents in your prevention efforts. The very core of prevention is family bonding, the foundation upon which every Discovery Hunt adventure is built.


Other benefits of Discovery Hunts include:

• Encourage discussion between parents and youth in the home, where they should be happening
• Meet families and youth where they are- on their phones!
• Make those conversations (that tend to be awkward and uncomfortable) not only fun and effective, but natural and comfortable for parents and youth alike
• Flexible to meet the needs of every family regardless of size, ages, interests
• Builds connections between families and their school(s)/community
• Overcome access barriers like scheduling, travel, cost
• Allows you to address current issues in a timely manner
• Engage local businesses and community organizations in your prevention efforts
• Keep the conversation going year round with monthly adventures throughout the year


Who are the Discovery Hunts for?

• PTA/PTO leaders
• Community Coalitions
• School counselors and mental health professionals
• School staff seeking ways to engage parents as partners in prevention efforts
• Parents who want to educate their teens at home on the harms of youth marijuana use (parallel track)


The topics covered by Ribbon Weeks are some of the most important topics schools and prevention coalitions (and families!) are concerned about- online safety, bullying prevention, suicide prevention, under-age drinking and other drug abuse.


First and foremost is PREVENTION. Teens and parents alike need to be educated about these important topics and provided with resources to help them prevent these life-altering choices in their homes. They also need to be empowered with resources and information on where to access help if needed.


This isn’t just any ol’ boring prevention activity! This highly-engaging family experience uses an app to reach families where they are (on their phones!) and take prevention efforts straight into the homes so that those all important conversations are happening between parents and youth, where they should be happening.


Engaging parents in the process not only increases family bonding, but also helps build connections between home and school. The adventures are innovative and fun, and built on evidence-based strategies and concepts. Each adventure is the social development strategy in action! Each Discovery Hunt incorporates a variety of evidence-based programs into the adventures and also allows you to incorporate other programs and activities you care about.


Our NEW, INNOVATIVE Discovery Hunts create a:
• A self-paced, research-based, evidence-informed, direct-to-family experience
• Created by prevention specialists and incorporates family activities suggested by prevention researchers, doctors, mental health providers and Ph.D. curriculum designers.
• Flexible to be able to meet the needs of all age groups and all families regardless of age, size, and interest.
• Designed to educate, encourage family discussion and raise awareness about the topic of the Ribbon Week.
• Intended to help increase family bonding (the core of prevention) while also educating youth and parents alike.


Each Ribbon Week is designed to be held over a 1-2 week time period with daily family experiences and then keep the conversation going with 1-3 monthly adventures throughout the remainder of the year.


Red Ribbon Week 2023 Core Adventures:


Daily themes and what they wear:

Monday (10/23) - REDy to say 'NO' to Drugs and Alcohol (Wear as many RED things as you can to school!)

Tuesday (10/24) - Teaming Up Against Drugs (Wear your favorite TEAM SHIRT to school)

Wednesday (10/25) - Hats Off to Drug Free Kids (Wear your decorated hat [from the adventure], a crazy hat or favorite HAT to show your commitment to living drug free and say 'Hats Off' to other youth choosing to live drug-free

Thursday (10/26) - Sock it to Drugs! (Wear crazy socks to school in a way they can be seen!)

Friday (10/27) - Out of the Mix: Don't Get Mixed Up in Drugs! (Wear crazy, mismatched outfits to school to show your commitment to stay 'out of the mix')

Monday (10/30)- I've Got the Power - Be Your Own Hero! (Wear your 'I Have the Power' Cape to school tomorrow or dress as your favorite Super Hero)

Tuesday (10/31)- All Dressed Up for a Drug-Free Future! (Wear your Halloween costumes!)


Daily Do's:

Sunday (10/22) - Start with 'WHY'

Monday (10/23) - Chalk the Walk with Positive Messages

Tuesday (10/24) - Decor Rouge (Decorate door and/or windows)

Wednesday (10/25) - Plant the Promise of a Drug-Free Life

Thursday (10/26) - Get Creative with Slogan

Friday (10/27) - Say 'Boo' to Drugs! Embracing a Spooktacular Drug-Free Lifestyle

Saturday (10/28) - Bookmarking a Drug Free Journey

Sunday (10/29) - Rocking the Message of Drug Prevention with Rock Painting

Monday (10/30)- Drug Free Pledge

Tuesday (10/31)- Hands On! Hands Off! Navigating Safe Choices


Daily Role-Plays:

Monday (10/23) - Avoiding Parties, Places and People where there are likely to be drugs

Tuesday (10/24) - Just ignore it, change the subject or offer a better idea

Wednesday (10/25) - Make an Excuse

Thursday (10/26) - Know and Share Your Why

Friday (10/27) - Be a Broken Record - Keep Saying 'No'

Saturday (10/28) - Leave the Situation

Sunday (10/29) - Talk to a Trusted Adult

Monday (10/30)- Make a Plan

Tuesday (10/31)- State the Facts and Reverse the Pressure


Daily Parent Info:

Sunday (10/22) - Prevention Science

Monday (10/23) - Local Data and Intro

Tuesday (10/24) - When is your greatest opportunity?

Wednesday (10/25) - Family Table Time

Thursday (10/26) - Recognizing Signs of an Opiod Overdose

Friday (10/27) - Naloxone - Be Prepared

Saturday (10/28) - Preventable Deaths

Sunday (10/29) - Monitor, Secure and Dispose of Properly

Monday (10/30)- It's Quittin' Time

Tuesday (10/31)- Scary Facts About Drugs