Saturday, June 20




YOUR Neighborhood!




A Celebration of Art to replace the many Summerfest celebrations across the country that have been cancelled due to covid-19.




1- Invite others in your neighborhood to join you. We have provided an invitation to help.



2- Create your favorite form of art and display it in your yard or a window where others can drive by and enjoy it!



3- If your talent is music, dance, theatre or something else that requires a demonstration please post your performance times!



4- Use the form below to add your neighborhood to the Summerfest 2020 map so that people can find you.



Reminder: Please be sure to follow all social distancing guidelines in your area.

There are many types of Art to share.


The sky is the limit . . .

  Check out the Summerfest 2020 map to find

                              participating neighborhoods and individuals!

Want to Participate?

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