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The Watt's Local Advantage is that you can:

  • Connect with Targeted Prospects at the very time that they are looking for the services that you offer.
  • Build not just for today, but for tomorrow and beyond. This is relationship marketing at it's best!
  • Leap ahead of the competition to win and develop more long-term, loyal customers that come back over and over.
  • Our lead management options help you get, and stay, in touch with the customers you need to grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Watt's Local is a program designed to help businesses (particularly small, local businesses) reach their target markets more effectively by connecting them with new families during the first few days when they arrive in your community. We help bridge the gap between new families in the community and small businesses.
Q. Why Watt's Local?

A. Every day new families are moving into your community. Those first few weeks are the most critical time for you to reach out to this newly available market~ it is a time when they NEED the services you offer, and they are LOOKING for YOU.

The problem is that, being new to the area, they don't know you yet. They don't know your other happy customers yet either, to get a referral to you, so chances are they aren't going to find you until later. Maybe it's only a few weeks later, but by then chances are they won't need your services any more~ the house will be put together, the kids will be enrolled in extracurricular activities, they will have found a pediatrician, dentist, gym, etc. YOU need to reach out to them during those first few days that they arrive in the valley.


Q. Can any business be a part of Watt's Local?

A. No! Watt's Local is a 'By Invitation Only' program reserved for those businesses that have established a strong record of providing quality products and services along with effective customer service. If you have been invited by a Watt's Local team member, Congratulations! That says something about you!

If you have not yet been invited but believe that your company fits the criteria listed above, please contact us at WattsLocalCV@gmail.com. We would be happy to research your company for eligibility and extend an invitation if you qualify.


Q. How does Watt's Local work?

A. We understand it can be difficult for local businesses to gain a loyal customer base and proper exposure in a large community with larger competitive businesses. We also understand that it can be overwhelming for families who are unfamiliar with the area to find quality businesses that share their same values.

Watt’s Local helps these new families have a positive move-in experience by providing them with the knowledge they need in a new town to make their transition go smoothly. This, in turn, provides you with an opportunity to meet them at a time when they are in the market for your services and develop good relationships with them. This will lead to repeat business and solid referrals.

Q. How does the new family know that you are referring them to the top businesses in their new community versus just sending them to those businesses that are willing to pay for leads?

A. Our parent company, My Discovery Destination!, is about strengthening families and building character. We are looking for businesses and organizations that have those same goals and values. In order to ensure that we are working with only the top leaders in any industry where we make referrals we vet our business partners before ever extending an invitation. We have a variety of processes in place for finding the very best businesses, but the most powerful process is that we extend invitations to businesses that have been referred to us by multiple existing or past customers.

How do the families moving into your community know this? In many instances they will have already established a relationship with My Discovery Destination! in their previous community before they moved. Those families that don't have an established relationship with My Discovery Destination! soon will. In addition, we ensure that our families know the process used to select our business partners so that they can feel comfortable working with any business they meet through Watt's Local.


Q. Does that mean you have already checked out my business and established my eligibility?

A. Yes! What this means for you is that if you have been invited to participate in the program you have a group of happy customers out there. Congratulations!! You've worked hard to get to where you are and you've proven you have what it takes. Let us help you take your business to the next level with increased exposure to a market that is primed and looking for you.


Q. How does Watt's Local connect me to the new families in the community?

A. Every new move-in to your community will be provided with a Watt's Local Welcome package. As a Watt's Local Business Partner your business will be included in the Watt's Local app. This allows you to get your name in front of these brand new families moving into the area BEFORE they go out and establish a relationship with other companies. Basically, YOU get first shot at their new business!


Q. Are there any other benefits for my business?

A. Yes!

  • You also are provided with access to several High Performance Trainings throughout the year that will help your business grow and succeed.
  • Your business will gain positive exposure in the community, which also helps create customer loyalty and referrals.
  • You will have additional opportunities and benefits provided through our parent company, My Discovery Destination!, and other businesses under the My Discovery Destination! umbrella.

Q. What advantages are there to being a part of Watt's Local versus joining another similar program?

A. There are several things about Watt's Local that gives our Business Partners an edge over the competition, including:

  • Because we focus on reaching out to families just moving into your area you have an opportunity to connect with these referrals at a time when
    • they are in need of the services you offer and are actively looking for a company that provides what you provide,
    • They are not yet established in the area to have a strong support network to turn to for referrals so Watt's Local can fill that gap for them and become the trusted referral source, and
    • They are not already connected to one of your competitors, so you are not trying to draw potential customers away from an established relationship.
  • Because of Watt's Local association with My Discovery Destination! we have significant and ongoing reach into virtually every home in your community to ensure that we are reaching every new move-in.
  • You get to take advantage of the already established relationship new families have with My Discovery Destination! and benefit from the good will and trust they have for the My Discovery Destination! programs.
  • We also work with local utility companies, schools, post offices, cities and libraries to reach out to new families in your community. This means that your business is proactively reaching out to hundreds of potential customers every month rather than waiting for them to make an inquiry.
  • In addition to benefiting your company, partnering with Watt's Local is also helping to support low income families in providing their children with opportunities to participate in local sports programs. A minimum of 20% of all proceeds from Watt's Local goes directly towards non-profit programs that have youth sports programs.


Q. How much does it cost to be a part of the Watt's Local network?

A. Watt’s Local is an affordable program that provides you with a variety of plans to best fit your needs. This allows you to stay in control and in charge of your business. Choose from an annual, semi-annual, or quarterly registration with no additional cost per referral:

  • Quarterly $200
  • Semiannual $300
  • Annual $500

At these low rates you can’t afford to NOT take advantage of this opportunity! Congratulations for qualifying! Your hard work and commitment to providing a quality product has paid off in a BIG way!


Q. How do I join?

A. To begin your sign up, just click on the sign up button below.


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