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Adventure Title Adventure Partner Done?
Protective Factors Just For Parents ▢*
Get Started! Intro & How-To ▢*
Fun Memories! Photo Journal ▢*
In My Community! I'm a VIP ▢*
Personal&Family Setting Goals ▢*
Where You Live! JustServe.org ▢*
Super Service Challenge ▢*
DIY Adventures Your Choice ▢*
8 Hugs-8 Seconds 8 for 8 ▢*
Create Your Future Vision Boards ▢*
OFTEN! Eat Together! ▢*
20 Minutes a Day Read Together ▢*
It's a Choice #UseTech4Good ▢*
Make a Difference! #UseTech2Serve ▢*
Family Time Board Games ▢*
Get Talkin' Chit Chat ▢*
Focus for 2023 My ONE Word ▢*
Be Specific! Give Compliments ▢*
Snowball Fight Winter Fun: ▢*
Build a Snow Fort Winter Fun: ▢*
Build a Snowman Winter Fun: ▢*
Snow Creations Pick a Winner! ▢*
Go Sledding! Winter Fun: ▢*
DIY Bird Feeder Feed the Birds ▢*
Family Ice Skating Winter Fun: ▢*
Big Bowl of Healthy ▢*
Redefine Failure Celebrate Effort: ▢*
Strategies Mental Health ▢*
War on Ukraine Help Kids Cope: ▢*
Setting Boundaries Family Rules ▢*
Express Appreciation ▢*
Rituals & Traditions ▢*
Mindful Moments ▢*
Pick up Party Let's Serve! ▢*
Revisit Family Memories ▢*
Have One. Be One. Mentoring ▢*



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