Building a 100+ Strong Promotion Team

Would you like to increase your promotion team by 100+ over the next 30 days without increasing your salary budget?

Whether it's currently just yourself, a staff of 4-5, or even 15-20 people promoting your business and website, just think what adding 100+ people to your promotion team could do!
Adventure Partners are part of a team that networks and promotes each other without spending extra time to do so. In the Adventure Partner Facebook group you can:

  • Learn ways to get the most from being an Adventure Partner
  • Meet other Adventure Partners from your local area and from communities all across the country
  • Introduce your products and services to the other Adventure Partners so that they can know what you do
  • Receive referrals from others, and make referrals
  • Share ideas and develop collaborative projects and events


This benefit is similar to being in a BNI group, Connect Utah group, or other networking groups. However, all of your networking can be done on-line on a flexible schedule. There are no penalties for missing a week or not being able to take time away from work for the full 1.5-2 hours. While the more you engage, the more you'll benefit, there are no penalties when you don't.

You've heard that 1+1 doesn't always equal 2. It's true! With My Discovery Destination! 1 + 1 = 100s!!!

Here are ways for you to more effectively maximize the benefit of this incredible network of professionals and businesses:


  • Post a My Discovery Destination! Adventure Partner notice in your business or on your website (or both!)

    This reflects well on you as a business. It also brings new clients into the My Discovery Destination! group and helps promote everyone.

    Bonus #1: There are 50-75 other businesses doing the same, bringing new customers to YOU!

    Bonus #2: When you introduce someone new to My Discovery Destination! Adventures they will share with 5-10+ friends to also enjoy the adventures. This introduces new people right back to you.


  • Get to know your My Discovery Destination! team and collaborating Adventure Partners.

    People want to do business with people they know, like and trust! Be active in the group, follow other Adventure Partners' social media sites, and get to know each other.


  • As you get to know each other, make referrals. They will make referrals back to YOU!


  • COLLABORATE!! Find Adventure Partners with products and services that complement yours and develop a collaborative project. Whether it's a joint My Discovery Destination! Adventure or something completely outside of My Discovery Destination!, being part of the team expands your numbers, your resources, and your ability to better serve your clientele.


  • Check the My Discovery Destination! Adventure Partner group regularly so that you can get the information we have for you, and so that you can get to know the other Adventure Partners.



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