Donations and Prizes


Everyone loves to win, and it doesn't take much to make people feel special.
However, there are things to consider before making a donation:

  • What is the cost (or opportunity cost) vs. ROI?
  • Is this supporting something I believe in?
  • Will this item bring value later on or is there more value in making a donation now?
  • Can the business afford to make a donation right now?

When you do make a donation:

  • You get extra exposure
  • You build up good will with both current and future customers
  • You create new customers if the donation is your product or service

If you have leftover swag or items that are no longer needed, donating them is a great option. We use the donations for:

  • Prizes for program participants,
  • Thursday 'Thank You' events or 'Daily Deals',
  • Drawings! This is a GREAT way to boost attendance and participation in your Adventure. Holding a drawing for everyone who attends your Adventure mini-class or for everyone who completes an at-home Adventure can be very effective.

When someone wins your donation, it is announced across the 4 social media platforms we use. This gives you added exposure to thousands of people for every donation you make.
In other words, for the cost of a simple donation, you get exposure equal to advertising options that would cost $200-$300!


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