Working together for a better, safer Internet!



The goal of this statewide focus is to:



      Help kids and parents alike to be safe, confident explorers of the online world.

      Prepare kids to make smart decisions and learn the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety.

      Support families in establishing proactive conversations about online wellbeing and digital safety. 

      Share best practices for parenting in a digital age and tools to foster parent-child interaction. 

      Empower parents with resources and research to equip their families to be safer online.

To be ready to participate you will want to:



     Join your local Facebook Community

     Set-up your Adventure Photo Journal in the Discovery Family program

     Download the app to receive daily notifications to your phone







     Schools provided materials to distribute to families.

     Local mayors and governments, chambers, non-profits and businesses notified and invited to participate.





     1st - 10th Media coverage

     Feb 11 - Safer Internet Day: Together for a Safer Internet LIVEStream and Kick-Off events;

                 Introduce the statewide 'Be Online Awesome' project

     Feb 18 - Celebration with Governor Herbert  at the Utah State Capitol Building.



February & March-  


      Banners provided to schools.

      ‘Be Online Awesome’ resources delivered in bite-size pieces via ‘Adventures’ in the Discovery Family program.





      Schools and communities host ‘Be Online Awesome’ Family Workshops.

      Census events held in conjunction with Family Workshops.





      The ‘Be Online Awesome’ resources delivered again as a follow-up.

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